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My idea was to gather as many stories as I could for the 35th anniversary of my favourite group Toto, in order not only to pay tribute to them but also to witness about all the things they brought in my life. I was born in 1977 in Paris and I knew Toto thanks to the song “Stop Loving You” that I heard in 1989 on a kind of “Top of the Pop” cassette. Within one summer, I totally broke this cassette, which was actually my cousin’s one, by playing it, rewind it, playing it again, rewind it again… In 1990, when the “Past to Present” album came out, I said to myself :”Why so many singers for just one group ?” and so I bought “Toto”, “Hydra”, “Turnback”, etc. until the “Kingdom of Desire” album and tour. It was then my first Toto show, I was 15 and I found myself in the audience just in front of David Paich. The day after, I had the chance to meet the group on the Champs Elysées during a meet and greet and it was pure magic to me: I could talk to my idols rather than look at the dozens of photos and posters on my room’s walls. Afterwards I’ve been through a rough spell for a while, because of personal issues, and I could see Luke only twice with the Lobotomys and once on a solo show in 1997, but no Toto concert. So my second concert was on the 25th Anniversary Tour, where I could finally see Bobby on stage… I became more and more fan about the group and started to travel by train all over France and Europe to see my fav group everywhere they could play. In 2006, I joined, the French forum for Toto fans. One year later, I met Alexandra, a fan like me, first virtually, then physically on an afternoon before a Marillion concert… and I fell in love with her. On our first holidays, we went in Germany… to see Toto!!!! Five concerts in seven days. Our second holidays? Seven Luke gigs in ten days all over Europe. Alexandra got pregnant when we came back from Stockholm, after a Joseph Williams concert. When she was eight months pregnant, we went to the PSP concert in Paris, to see Simon Philips. Few weeks later, we had our little girl. Her name had to be related with Toto, which allowed us to meet each other. So Holyanna was born in December 2009. In April 2010, Luke was touring in France. Even with a 4 months baby, we couldn’t miss that. So Holyanna went with us to some concerts, hidden in backstage rooms, in order to preserve her little ears. Luke met Holyanna for the first time. As a lifetime story, one night on a concert in Lille where Aymeric Silver and his group ASB were opening for Luke, there was no soundproof room to put Holyanna in. So, Luke said to us: “She can come in my dressing room; I will look after her while you’re listening to ASB. I’m used to children, I got four kids”. In June 2011, we bought a VIP pass in Paris and presented Holyanna to each member of the group: Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams, David Paich, Simon Philips and Nathan East. On August 2012, there was a concert in Vienna, France. Alexandra was 8 months pregnant again. But we stood on front row to see our favourite group. In the train back home, she had lots of contractions so we went straight to the clinic. But it was a false alarm. Our son was born twelve days later. His name is Jeffrey. What else ?

Thanks to Toto, who offers us such fabulous and fantastic music and enabled me to meet my wife. We have two wonderful kids by now, a real Toto family! Peace and a big thank to Susan, Fabienne and Alexandra for the help you brought to me and to all the persons who played the game.











35 years…Wow! Congratulations to the band…and thank you to the fans who have enjoyed their great music throughout the years.
Jeff adored his fans and loved being on stage performing, but he didn't like the often exhaustive tour schedule. He would get "homesick" if the boys and I weren't able to join him on tour, so we came along whenever possible.
Touring with small children wasn't always easy, but it was always fun. Jeff liked to get up early every morning, even while on tour. He was a history buff, who loved sightseeing and absorbing the different cultures. He thought we should take advantage of the opportunity, and he was right. I am so grateful for those memories.
After a show he was the last one to get on the tour bus, because he would chat with fans and sign autographs. He sincerely appreciated those who loved his music. So, thank you for making his short time with us even more meaningful for him. You are all greatly appreciated.


These photos were taken in Paris. The Eiffel Tower, The Dôme des Invalides (with my Mom who often joined us on tour), and backstage that same evening.




JEFF PORCARO (Mike 's son)

I suppose more than anything I would just like to say that I'm a big fan. Even though I've grown up with these awesome guys around me and have been so close to Toto because of my family I still put the music on for the same reason you do, because I love it. As a Toto fan I'm able to occupy a special place where I can appreciate the incredible music they made as well as feel an immense sense of pride that my father and his brothers contributed to the creation of something that will last a dozen lifetimes. From a fan to a fan, Toto rocks!








JOLEEN PORCARO DUDDY (Jeff, Mike and Steve 's sister )

My childhood memories of my brothers are by far my favorites! Other musicians need to realize what a gift it is to their families, to surround them with their music. It brings so much joy to a home. The TOTO boys were a part of my life for many years, long before they were "TOTO". Everyday when I would come home from grammar school and middle school, the boys were in our garage rehearsing. First it was Jeff & Paich's band, RURAL STILL LIFE and then Steve and Luke's band, STILL LIFE. I was always allowed to hang with them if my friends and I kept quiet! As I approached middle school, Jeff and Mike were starting to tour with various artists and recorded on many albums as well. I missed them so much but was so lucky to still have Steve P living at home. I literally would fall asleep every night to Still Life rehearsing. By the time I hit high school, all three boys were gone on the road. For my 16th birthday, they surprised me and took me out on the road with them for a weekend of music festivals. They were all playing with Boz Scaggs. My three bros and my other two, Paich & Luke. A weekend that I will never forget! They opened for Elton John & Kiki Dee!!! When they finally formed TOTO, I was a senior in high school and before their first album was released, I had already gotten a personalized license plate for my car -TOTOFAN ! So many more memories...But at the end of the day, nothing has been more meaningful than just being part of an amazing , loving family. One that was nurtured by both of our amazing parents! Everyone wants to give my dad the credit for all of the boys talent but We'll never forget, it was my mom that burped us to the cymbal beat!



JOE PORCARO (drummer, percussionist and teacher)

It was such a pleasure to see and hear this guys as a garage band and become one of the great rock bands.



EMIL RICHARDS (percussionist)

These guys are so together musically, it's awesome ! I have known them since they were born. Their dad, Joe, and I have played together since I was 6 years old. We worked with the guys on the movie Dune. It was a great experience to work together. The score and playing is still relevant. All the guys are still leading the pack !




ELIZABETH PAICH (Lorraine and David Paich's daughter, graphic designer, illustrator and teacher)

I'm David Paich's daughter and I've been working in China for the past year. Because we Skype a lot, I do know that my dad and the rest of the band are really excited because they're getting ready to tour Europe for late May, June, and early July. After 35 years - putting on an awesome show is still hard work, but the all love it, and the fans and music makes it totally worth it!
Hold the line! Toto is still here and rocking!




Here is a story you may or may not know: When Steve Porcaro and David Paich were working with Quincy Jones for Michael Jackson's Thriller, Quincy was looking for songs for Michael to record. In those days, demos were recorded on cassette tape. Often times cassettes would be used more than once and recorded over. At one point, Quincy put in a cassette that David Paich had a demo on. Quincy listened to the song, but then forgot about the cassette and left it running. The cassette flipped over to the other side, and there was a riff that Steve Porcaro had recorded called, "Human Nature." Quincy was like, "Who wrote this song? This is great!" The rest is history.




DAVID HUNGATE (bassist and guitarist)

Hard to believe it's been 35 years, except when I look in mirror.
I'll never forget our first gig....for the CBS convention in New Orleans....the debut of their hot new act--us. I don't think we'd been officially signed yet so there was big pressure. Jeff thought we should look good so he had a seamstress friend make us silk pants and kimonos. We never put them on until right before going onstage. The kimonos had long flowing sleeves and we soon discovered to our horror that these made it almost impossible to play an instrument. We sucked, but we got signed anyway and got better on our next gig after ditching the Kimonos. I also recall that while in N.O. at the Marie Antoinette hotel someone poured several gallons of water in, I believe, Paich's bed which resulted in the ceiling collapsing in the room below. Only children having fun"...and we had some fun.










CHRIS TRUJILLO (percussionist)

Just want to say that I consider my time with TOTO as the ultimate musical privilege. Very few have been selected to join these masters and I was one of them. THAT was and is THEE highlight of my life. I always dreamed of playing with one or any of them actually, on a recording maybe or a jam of some sort. But to actually be on stage with TOTO was something I could never of imagined!!! It was just too big to fathom!!!
Of course all the guys were and are great musicians and human beings but Jeff was the center of all things for me. To play next to him was truly the best experience ever. THAT GROOVE was amazing. Truly a dream that I never wanted to wake from. LUKE, DAVID and MIKE made me feel so welcome in coming into their world and it was such a great place to call home. Now after the tragedy of losing Jeff, comes along Mr Simon Phillips. A godsend in that although VERY different in his approach to music and EVERYTHING !!! :)) he was very much the same as he is still the consumate artist and made the transition in drummers very smooth and easy. He didn't try to be Jeff. He totally understood the scene and was just himself!!!! A great drummer!!!! One of the world’s best and is my cherished friend. My association with this great band has opened many many doors for me and I will always be thankful to them for that.

Happy 35 and many many more to come.

Chris (noompsie) Trujillo



LUIS CONTE (percussionist)

Ah yes, I toured with ToTo back in 1988 in the Seventh One Tour and recorded on the Past and present album. Playing with those guys was amazing, ToTo has always been a band with top class musicians, always so musical.

One of the highlights of the European part of the tour was the surprise performance of the "De Pinga" band in Stockholm..... that was some crazy s.......




Congratulation to the very best Band on the planet. Touring with them was one of the highlights of my career. They are and continue to be the most amazing musicians ever.

Each night was an awesome adventure in musicianship.

Love you guys.




MABVUTO (singer)

Hey World! This is Mabvuto (Ma-Voo-Toe) one of the vocalist with TOTO. I must say, it has been a blessing being a part of this 35th Anniversary Tour! They are great guys and great musicians!!!

Rock On,

Mabvuto (Ma-Vou-To)



WARREN HAM (singer, saxophonist, flutist)

Toto was one of the best bands I ever worked with. The musicianship is elite and it was my privilege. My wife and I were just in Paris in March following a tour of the UK with Olivia Newton John whom I have worked with since 2001. I was there several times before with both Toto And Donna Summer. We love France!



KEITH LANDRY (singer and musician)

A shout out to all my ole buddies in TOTO & congrats on 35 years of turning the world on to great music. Even after so many years, your music still lives on in the hearts of many. I was recently invited to sing for a Jeff Porcaro Tribute here in Nashville, TN with 25 of the best drummers in town, from the Doobie Brothers to Rascal Flatts to Pat Matheny & many others and the TOTO grooves penetrated the hearts of everyone in the room. What a blessing it was for me to have been a part of the TOTO team.

Thank you guys & keep up the great work.




PAUL JAMIESON (sound engineer)

As I reflect on my time with Toto, i have only fond memories. it was a "family" atmosphere. i was always paid well and taken care of. not to mention that i got to hear some of the best musicians in the world night after night. i learned so much from them. sometimes it was alot of work but it was always a TEAM effort. i cherish the memories and the friendships that i've developed. the Porcaro family IS my 2nd family. the nicest people on earth. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. i love you guys.

Paul « Jamo » Jamieson



STEPHEN DUROS (musician and lighting designer)

Hello, in the lighting director for Toto and all the shows have been awesome!!








ALAN GOLDBERG (Cirque's director)


I live in Hawaii but grew up with Luke and Porcaro, all the Porcaro's.
I was a Sax player in those days.
We all played together in a few high school bands that we formed that were hot as can be. We were big in our area and big in size. The Band had a full Horn section, full rhythm section with Luke on lead and Porcaro on Keyboards.
The 2 bands were called "Homestead" and "Still Life"
Wish I had pic's of those days !! We were a bit if a "Tower of Power" cover band. We were the hottest band in the Valley at the time.
Anyway I went off to join the Circus and they went off to become Toto. I have been performing in the world’s greatest circus's for the last 30 yrs. most if that time was with my 18 White Tigers and then as a director for "Cirque du Soleil" in La Vegas. i mow have a show we are getting ready to produce here in Hawaii. We are all still very close friends and whenever possible see one another somewhere in the world when our paths cross.



AL SCHMITT (engineered Recording)

My experience recording Toto IV was one of the best of my career. We were all friends when we started the recording and became even better friends after. There will always be a warm place in my heart for Jeff, he was an amazing human being. I am so happy Toto is still going strong.



ROGER LINN (designer electronic products)

Congratulations to Steve P., Dave, Steve L. and the others for 35 years of highly memorable music and wonderful ideas.

Roger Linn









AMIN BHATIA (recording artist, film and television music score composer and producer)

My brief but wonderful work with Toto came as a result of my win in the Roland Synthesizer Competition. Programmer Ralph Dyck had sent my tape to Steve Porcaro who took an interest in the simple but unusual tricks I was doing with a 4 track tape recorder and a Minimoog. Steve liked what he heard and immediately made arrangements to fly me from my home in Canada to Los Angeles to work with him and the band for a week.
Los Angeles can be very intimidating to outsiders but everyone from Toto was kind, open minded and eager to learn the techniques I was using. Even though I was very nervous at first (how does one make suggestions to Toto?!) they would be very reassuring and say things like "don't worry, just pretend we're not here and keep doing what you're doing." As a result my ideas became the intro to the title track of their album "Fahrenheit" which led to introductions to other record producers and an eventual album deal of my own.
In my opinion Toto's success is not only because of their amazing music but also from their desire to always be open to new things and to keep learning. I am honoured to be a very small part of their history and eternally grateful to Steve Porcaro and everyone in the band for their kindness and support.

Amin Bathia



CHUCK FINDLEY (woodwind instruments)

In 1970 I did the Glen Campbell show with Marty Paich and David would come in and Sit in on the Hammond b3. He was still in high school. I saw David and the band firm and grow into one of the best groups you would ever want to hear. I've worked and played on many of their tracks and they are always fantastic. It's always a treat to work with them



GARY LEE HERBIG (woodwind instruments)

TOTO was a great band, and I was privileged to record with them at George Massenberg's Complex in W. L.A. What fun we had!!
Musically Yours,



GARY GRANT (woodwind instruments)

I played with Toto when they were in high school, before they hit it big. They sounded fantastic even then, and of course made musical history from there. David Paich, Lukather, the Picaro's, Kimble, the whole package, was "badd'er than a junk yard dog". They really did bust it open, which not many groups did...great songs!







BRANDON FIELDS (woodwind instruments)

I've had the pleasure of working (and hanging) with the various members of Toto since I guess about '86, working in Los Lobotomies with Jeff and Luke and with Steve Porcaro in the studio. Luke and Jeff played on my 3rd CD, with Luke contributing the great song "Marie". Since I had also written a song for my wife at the time, I sometimes lovingly refer to that record as the one with the ballads for the ex wives! I've worked quite a bit on different projects with Simon and always had a blast... Walt Fowler and I even played on a couple of tracks for Toto in the early 2000's up at Simon's studio. It's too rare these days that a band can combine such excellent musicianship with the creativity that Toto brings to the table. I am thankful to be associated with them and always look forward to any opportunity to hang and make more music with my old (...not too old) friends!

Brandon Fields












I don't remember the year I met Toto, but Jeff Porcaro had called me. They had heard about me from Michael McDonald, while he was working with James. After I met the guys and sang some background on a couple of songs, they actually recommended me for some other projects as well. I ended up working with Kim Carnes on the song 'Divided Hearts' because of Toto's recommendation.
I've always enjoyed working with them because they are such great songwriters and very talented musicians. The songs I sang background on, were great, because I'm a TOTO fan, so it's been an honor to work with them as a band.
I've worked with David Paich the most. He's called me to sing a few of the songs that he's written.We've also worked together on other projects outside of Toto. I worked with Steve Porcaro on a tribute to Michael McDonald a while ago. September 2011 was the last time I saw Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro and David Paich. Quincy Jones did a show at the Hollywood Bowl out here in LA, I was singing background and Quincy invited, Steve, Steve and David up as we performed "Human Nature" which was written for Michael Jackson. Quincy had the background singers come up and perform that song. So that was the last time that I've run into the guys. We gave our hugs, nice to see ya's, etc.

As always it's a pleasure working with such a group of talented musicians, there's been a mutual respect for each other's talent since we first met.

Philip Ingram




BILL CHAMPLIN (singer, guitarist, keyboard, arranger, producer, and songwriter)

I've had a handful of the guys on my stuff at different times but I never personally worked with the band. I've always loved their music and their creativity and musicianship are at the top of the drawer.









JASON SCHEFF (bassist, singer and composer)

Toto has played a very large part in my life. Starting with discovering their music on the first album to calling Jeff's house looking for John Keane and Buzz Feiten, (that Jeff was giving studio time to at the Villa)... And Jeff said (in his booming voice), "Before I put him on let me tell you something. I was just taking to my friend Bobby Lamm the other day and he said they were looking for a singer. I thought *What about Jason? He plays the s*'t out of the bass, he's got the vocal chops!"
(imagine Jeff LEANING on the words "Vocal CHOPS!")
And then he asks, "So what do you think? Want me to call them?"
I told him I had just spoken to Chicago's management and he starts laughing with his classic laugh.
He's holding the phone out to the guys and says..."Ta-ha-ha-ha!!! He just talked to their management!
So you see? Jeff was trying to HELP. If there is one other common thread to the man other than being one of the greatest drummers on the planet is that he was a great friend. Trying to help. Adding value to the world.
I felt like one of the luckiest guys in the world when they were looking for a singer, shortly after I got the gig with Chicago, that I was able to return the favor.
I called Jeff and suggested Joseph. Jeff said, "I just hit my HEAD! Of COURSE we know Joseph! How do we find him?"
So those experiences made me feel I was in the club and they are indelibly etched in my mind.
On to connecting with David Paich years later being asked to sing some background vocals on the King Of The World album.
Our work is not finished yet. I still have plans to work with these guys.
Love em all! Bobby, one of my dearest friends and collaborators. All of em!









PHIL SOUSSAN (bassist, singer and composer and producer)

I first met Steve Lukather in the Lexington Queen nightclub in Tokyo in 1986, when I was on tour with Ozzy Osbourne, and we quickly hit it off. We stayed in touch through the years, always moving in the same circles. I had also been friends with Simon and so when he joined the band I would also spend time with him talking about the things that we loved to do such as recording and engineering; I had been writing and recording some solo tracks for my project. One day Steve heard those tracks and was very impressed. Later, during the time that I was playing with Johnny HALLYDAY and we were in the middle of our 3 week residency at Bercy for the Lorada Tour, Steve found himself in Paris, (Toto was planning a single night concert at Bercy!) and I invited him to come up during one of our concerts to jam with us on stage. After the show he and I went to the Bain Douche nightclub and it was there that we decided to do some writing together. The result of this was his "Luke" album. A couple of years later we found ourselves playing those same songs at the Bataclan.
We continued to work and to write and eventually wrote "After You're Gone" on the Mindfields album.
Since then I would find myself collaborating with all of the guys in the band on many occasions, David, Steve Porcaro and Simon played on my 1986 solo album "Vibrate" and I even produced a Japanese recording of Toto which brought us full circle back to Tokyo!
I congratulate them on 35 years of wonderful music, and many great memories hanging out in nightclubs around the world!!

Phil Soussan



DANIEL KORTCHMAR (guitarist, musician, singer, producer and songwriter)

I've known these guys since they were teenagers and they are the best! I love them big time!







BILL PAYNE (musician, songwriter and producer)

Jeff invited me into Wally Heider studios to hear Rosanna and Africa.
He had told me that the jam at the end of Rosanna was a tip o'the hat to Little Feat. Both tracks were amazing! I was floored that they would honor our band in the way they did. The musicianship in Toto was, and is, phenomenal. David Paich is a master. Steve Lukather is the absolute best.
I am proud to have worked on The Seventh One with the band and George Massenburg. My very best to them and congratulations on 35 years!
...and many more!

Bill Payne




BILL LABOUNTY (author, composer and performer)

Hi, Nicolas.

Maybe too revealing of my age but I remember when Jeff Porcaro brought his young friend, Steve Lukather to one of my sessions at Sun West in Hollywood. He assured everyone there that Steve was the best "..ckin'" guitar player he'd ever heard in his life. Steve did some playing and as I recall, lived up to Jeff's claims for everyone to hear. Steve had to leave a little early as he was a HS Junior and had school in the morning. I haven't talked to him since a session he played for me when I was on Warner Brothers on a song called Dream On. Would love to say hi again sometime though!





Aymeric Silvert (guitarist, singer, composer and teacher)

I got into Toto’s musical world thanks to a Steve solo album, “Candyman”. Obviously, I’ve known all the hits listening to them on the radio, but that was all. After going to his gig at the Exo 7 venue in Rouen, I got deeply changed by his genius. From this moment, I started listening to all his albums and all Toto albums. What a fantastic group!

When I got on tour with Steve back in 2010, my craziest dream came true, as I was playing tunes from the album I had most listened to in my whole life, and with the true master of it !!!!

Steve and I share a great friendship, which brought to me the opportunity to meet every member of the group (in its last versions) and so the dream is still on… one of the best rock bands in the world: TOTO



BERNIE CHIARAVALLE (guitarist, Michael Mc Donald band)

I've had the honor of knowing Steve Lukather over years through Michael McDonald. I got to hang at a Toto rehearsal back in the 90's and listened to them play. Really the most amazing live band I've ever heard. Top notch songs played and sung by the best. And Luke is really one of my favorite guitarists, if not my favorite.

I'm forever a fan!



BRUCE GAITSCH (guitarist, composer, and producer)

I have never worked with Toto...but I know Steve and Nathan well....
I have been inspired by their music and playing since their first record came out when I still lived in Chicago....35 years ago...
WOW! Peace and congratulations...



DANNY SERAPHINE (drummer and producer)

I always loved Toto, they were the Renaissance band. Everything they did was so high quality and yet very were very commercial, accessible. I still listen to those great tunes: Rosanna, 99, Africa. Obviously losing Jeff was devastating, but it doesn't get much better than Simon on drums. Like us losing Terry Kath, the band is never the same. But still a force to be reckoned with. One of my all time favorite bands.



DAVID BENOIT (pianist, composer and producer)

I never worked directly with Toto but I played on numerous sessions with Jeff Pocaro. I also was managed by their long time manager, Mark Hartley.
I also knew their Dad Joe, and other members, Steve Lukather, Steve Pocaro and David Paich. All amazing musicians for sure...
I was very intimidated at the thought of working with Jeff Pocaro. But I was impressed with his professionalism. He always arrived at the session 2 hours early. He played on what I think was the best drum track of all of my 33 record albums-a piece called "Freedom At Midnight."




DAVID HUFF (drummer, songwriter and producer)

very cool...Really quick--I was very good friends with Jeff...When I was getting started in Giant--he got me hooked up with all of the drum, stick, cymbal, etc.. companies for endorsements..He even offered to me to take his Red Pear; kit with the first Jamo rack that they designed on the road for our first Giant tour!! He was that kind of guy!!!! My ultimate goal was reached when I actually worked with him together on a Boz Scaggs album.....I know Steve too...Great guy!!!!!!!



DAVID ROBERTS (author, composer and performer)

Working with Luke, Jeff and Mike Porcaro remains one of the greatest highlights of my career. The fact they recorded Toto IV at the same time they worked on my "All Dressed Up" record, makes me feel like I was able to capture some of that magic.

Thanks and all the best!



FREDERIC SLAMA (guitarist, songwriter and producer)

Toto is for me the most influential band in the world. For 35 years they bring quality music to millions of fans. With my good friend Tommy Denander, we worked with most Toto's members for my AOR projects and everytime it's an honor to have them on my cd's. They are the coolest & most talented musicians of all !

I wish them at least 35 more years of incredible music!

Frederic Slama (AOR)








JAY GRUSKA (composer, songwriter and producer)

I go back a long way with various incarnations of the TOTO guys. In the 70's, I had the complete pleasure of doing my first concert in L.A. (opening for the Average White Band and Billy Cobham) with the awesome David Paich, Jeff Porcaro and Lee Sklar as my band. Totally turned my head around to play with them. I hadn't met Lukather yet or he would have certainly been in there as well. A couple of years after that gig, and about a year or two before Toto formed, I found myself in a band with Luke, Mike Porcaro and Carlos Vega---we played a small club once or twice a week for six months just playing and jamming on songs I was working on---about as much fun as I've ever had. It started a lifelong friendship with all of them, but especially Luke who is a dear pal and brother to this day. I did various demo's of my songs with Jeff and Mike as well---impossible for a groove to feel better than those two achieved. Interestingly, on my first solo album (before I met Paich and Jeff), produced by Michael Omartian, David Hungate played bass on a few tracks----another monster musician I was honored to work with. Oddly, I worked with ALL the Toto bass players because Nathan East was someone I did several projects with in later years. Simply put, these Toto guys are stellar musicians who opened my eyes to the depth of pocket that must be searched for, found and lived in. I truly miss Jeff, his superb playing and especially his generosity of spirit. I can't believe it's been over 20 years since we lost him. I feel it like it was yesterday. Joseph Williams is sounding better than ever. I'm honored to know these giants and having just been to their rehearsal last week, these cats maintain their GIANT stature!! Congrats on 35 years guys!!



JERRY GOODMAN (violinist)

Ok..well I'm happy to have been included on some projects with "Luke"..(Lukather)...

one of my favorite musicians!




JIMI JAMISON (singer and composer)

Toto's 35th Year Anniversary 1978 - 2013
Congrats my friends ... There really should be a law against having so many great musicians in a single band!





JOEY CARBONE (producer, arranger, musician and teacher)

I would like to send my sincerest best wishes and congratulations to all the cats in TOTO on their 35th Anniversary! Not only some of the most talented musicians, singers, composers, arrangers, producers...but also some of the funniest and nicest guys on the planet!
love and smiles,

Joey Carbone











JOHN FORD COLEY (singer, musician and author)

Jeff Pocaro, Mike Pocaro and David Paich were friends of ours before they became Toto. Mike Pocaro use to come up and play with Dan and I when we were just a folk duo opening up for Seals and Crofts. Mike played bass for them and he just like to come up and add bass for us. David Paich and Jeff Pocaro played the demo for us on I'd Really Love To See You Tonight for free. We were trying to get a record deal. So they really helped us get the deal on Big Tree. Steve Lukathur played on our Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive record and added parts to remake some of the old songs on the Best of England Dan and John Ford Coley record. When we added his guitar on Soldier In The Rain, I asked him if he needed me to write a chord chart for him because it was quite complicated. He said he didn't think he'd need one, to just play the song down for him and he get it. We played the song down and he looked at me and said, "I think you'd better write me out a chart for this one." That made my day, because there was no one better than Luke for playing guitar. No one. Everyone one of those guys were the best the industry had to offer. I remember being in the next studio over when they were recording a song. On the playback, David was so excited about the classical overtones in the song that he was literally jumping up and down on the couch. The musicianship was so excellent, the track was so tight that I wanted to jump up and down on the couch with him. I lived out on a ranch in Acton, CA in the late 90's raising horses. The next 10 acres over was owned by a family named Harmon. He and I got to talking one day and he found out I was in the music industry. He said that he had a cousin that was married to a musician that he had heard was pretty good. Then he said his name was Steve Lukathur and asked if I'd ever heard of him. I said, "You're Marie Currie's cousin? He was floored and said, "You know Marie?" I told him yes then said, "Lukathur? Pretty good? When he's throwing up with a fever of 103 he's pretty good. Every other time he's a complete genius and no one can touch him They were the best players around (and still are), plus and the most important part, they were really good guys. It doesn't get better than that.
Tell them hi for me when you see them.






KAMIL RUSTAM (guitarist)

When I was 20, I was a Steve Lukather fan and I’ve read that the guitar player named Jay Graydon was a great friend of his.

So when he came to play some gig in Paris in 1983, I went at the backstage door and asked someone to give Luke a paper where I had written that I was a Jay Graydon friend.

Steve run out of the backstage door and gave me a Pass? He said to me “Jay Graydon’s friends are my friends too!!!”

What a beautiful hang I had with them backstage and during the show!


Few years later, I became friend with Jeff Porcaro and met Steve several times but I never said to him that little story!!



LARRY WILLIAMS (pianist, keyboards, woodwinds, composer and arranger)

Jeff Porcaro was my favorite all time drummer in the studio and a good friend- in 1974 he sat in with my band Seawind in Hawaii (something he rarely ever did) and it was instant groove- he broke the bass drum pedal he was so excited. He was on tour with Steely Dan I think. When I came to LA in 1975 I soon met all the Porcaros and David Paitch and Hungate through doing session with David Foster- they were the guys I wanted to be like in the studio!













MARI IIJIMA (singer and songwriter)

I've always felt honored and truly enjoyed every time I worked with the TOTO members. Jeff was a super gentleman. He opened and closed the door of my singing booth when we worked together. I miss him greatly.

Happy 35th Anniversary, TOTO!!




Well I see Steve Porcaro every weekday morning at 8:00! Our kids go to the same school.

At that hour he has the same sleepy look as I !



MICHAEL SHERWOOD (keyboards, vocals, producer, arranger and programmer)

Dave Paich and Steve Procaro produced my A&M album Nomadic Sands by Lodgic back in the mid 80's...I had the pleasure of singing on Till The End and Lea on the Fahrenheit lp...Back then, Steve and I wrote the song "For All Time" for Michael Jackson's Dangerous record.. Sadly it was put on the shelf. Luckily in 2007 MJ called to tell us it would be the only new song on Thriller 25th anniversary.. I'm very happy to report that after over 20 years of songwriting with Steve Porcaro we are finally in the home stretch of his 1st solo album.



PETER FRIESTED (guitarist, songwriter and producer)

I'd like to say "TOTO 2013 - I never heard the band sound better and it's with great excitement that I'm looking forward to their new recordings - music when it is as good written and performed as it gets - that is TOTO's trademark "







REGGIE BOYLE (reporter and webmaster )

I feel very lucky to be even a small part of the "Toto Family". In particular I wish to thank Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips. They among all the members of Toto are at the top of the list in the entire World at what they do. I have seen well over 1,000 musical performance live and I still shake my head in disbelief at many magical musical moments at a Toto gig. I look around at the entire crowd to see if they are "getting it" like I am!

I have "worked" for Luke's website for over ten years. People have asked me 'do you get paid'? I tell them 'are you kidding me'? I have seen Toto and Luke gigs up close, Luke and Toto sound checks, been in the studio with Luke as the only "outsider", went to the Rockline Radio Show, saw the Ringo All-Starrs up close, went to Ringo's 72nd Birthday Party in Nashville, heard the unrepeatable Luke stories, done the Luke and Toto hangs.... Do I get paid? Who do I pay for this? Before I met Luke I had preconceived thoughts about him. Some were right but many were wrong. Luke is foremost a great father, friend, band leader, band mate and hang. He is one humble cat who just happens to be one of the World's greatest guitar players. Thanks Luke

Reggie Boyle Thousand Oaks Ca USA














RENAUD HANTSON (drummer, singer and songwriter)

I had the opportunity to work with Simon Philips when I went to England to record my album “Seulement Humain” in 1997. It was a great pleasure to have Simon just for me for five days and to listen to him playing my songs. He brought a lot of his rhythmic skills on “Seulement Humain”, “Parler à Quelqu’un”, “En partance”, or on the last song of the album, “La chanson reste la meme” where I asked him to play in a “pure Simon way” (!) on the musical adlib where I sang again every chorus of each song on the album. It was pretty original musically but most of all, it was so pleasant to build with him, the man with such technique, rhythm and amazing breaks all along the outro. It made this album the most personal I did, in a very tight and emotional mood.

I had a poster of his double drum kit in my teenager room; Simon was my idol when I was only a drummer, before I decided to begin a singer career. He was my main reference as he could play jazz rock music on albums that had a great influence on my life, such as Jeff Beck ou Stanley Clarke ones, as he could play for hard rock artists, such as Mickael Schencker or Judas Priest.

I was on cloud nine when he told me stories about sessions as he was the most famous sessionman in UK and these memories with him are so dear to my heart. The highlight was when, after 5 days working together and just before he had to take a plane to LA, he decided to change the speed of a rhythmic sample that my programmer used on one of my songs. Actually, he thought that this loop didn’t work well, but we were afraid to put his play out of phase once the loop would be changed, as he had already recorded his drum part. But it was not! He had played so precisely that it fitted perfectly and the song became even better with this last minute change! This guy is a living metronome and his blood is music, he changed this tiny detail and showed us again how great musician he was.

Of course, I got a very special thought for him when he arrived, years ago by now, in Toto, which was a group I always admired. One of my best fans is also a crazy fan of Steve Lukather, and he goes to every gig he does in France. Even if Jeff had the best groove ever and did high quality shuffles, even if numerous fans are still fond of the time when he was playing with Toto, I must admit that I’m a true fan of Simon and his drumming. I can still think about the big kick in the ass I got when I saw the “Lobotomys” DVD with Steve Lukather and Simon in 1994. He is more than a drummer and he brings the group above their own limits, a must have for any Philips and Lukather fan.

I wish to the Toto guys to do this shivering and exciting music for more and more years, beyond the 35 first years and I will be a faithful fan to their music quality, that I try to be near of in each of my projects, whether in my Pop career or in my Big Rcok ou heavy metal projects…

Longue vie à Toto.






RICK ZAHARIADES (guitarist, singer and songwriter)

I'd always been a fan of Luke since the beginning; copping all his licks not only from theToto records, but from just about anything he played on. Getting to play alongside the man and working with him day to day was such a blast! Although it was such fun to both play with and bounce things off of him onstage, my fondest memories are of the two of us hangin' on the bus early mornings here and there, or walking back to the hotel, just talking about life and laughing... it was a good time!



TOM SNOW (songwriter)

I've been recovering from hand surgery and haven't been online for awhile. Don't have a real story about the band except to say that on more than a few sessions I played with them songs I had co-written. An analogy for that would be riding in a Formula One with Fernando Alonso at the wheel. (I wonder if they make two seater F1s?) It is hard to explain the feeling of being, for a moment, a part of the greatest studio rock and roll band ever assembled. You just had to be there. Cheers,






TOMMY DENANDER (guitarist and producer)

I bought the first Toto album when it came out 1978, I was 10 years old and it's safe to say that my life changed forever.
It's without a doubt one of the greatest rock bands in the history of music and only a serious fool, like under educated journalists , will not agree...but we don't never care what they think anyway!

I'm blessed with being most likely the only non Toto member to have recorded albums with every member of the group including Jeff Porcaro, David Hungate, Greg Phillinganes, Lee Sklar, Nathan East and even Jean Michell Byron
Doing my first Radioactive album in LA 1991 with Jeff, Mike, Steve Porcaro and David Paich is a hard to beat highlight in my life and career.
Bobby, Fergie and Joseph ended up singing on it as well plus I had Hungate and Phillinganes on it also.

35 years later the band is going on very strong and i hope they keep going for many more years



TRIS IMBODEN (drummer)

To my brothers in Toto, you are and have always been one of my all time favorite bands. I still am so grateful for having the opportunity to play a little with you guys in '87 when Jeffrey invited me onstage with you all in Germany. Big love to you all and Congratulations on your 35th anniversary!



WILL LEE (bassist)

In the mid-70's I had met David Paich & Jeff Porcaro on Saturday Night Live with Boz Scaggs & I'd played some sessions with Luke .Afterwards, Jeff & Luke started to call me in NYC from LA & asked me if I'd come out & join their new band. I said "No thanks-the studio scene in NYC is going crazy right now & I want to stay!!". A couple of years later I was in LA & they invited me to come down to the studio & hear a mix of a new tune they had worked on. It was "Africa". At that moment I realized this was one of the greatest bands in the world & was sad I couldn't have joined them, but I was very happy for Mike & the Porcaro Brothers, that they had established such an incredible legacy!!


Thanks to all who permitted me to carry out this project, and don't forget, we need you!

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