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Mister « Please, please, please » slipped away.

We’re deeply saddened to announce you the passing away of Michael Porcaro. Totoweb, the fans and all the friends who had the chance to meet Mike, offer the Porcaro family their deepest sympathy.

Luke often introduced Mike on stage saying « Mister « Please, please, please » !!! A nickname that suited him perfectly. On Sunday 15 th March 2015, Mike passed on of ALS in his sleep leaving his wife ,Cheryl and three children :Jeff, Brianna and Samuel behind him. He was diagnosed in 2006 and since then never came back on stage.

No need to talk about the musicality of Mike, everyone knows that he played with best musicians of the world with such a particuliar way to play bass. But I’d like to talk about the man I met for the first time in Paris in 1992.

I remember him as a reserved man with an undeniable aura and I stood admiring in front of this gentleman who had just lost his brother. The day after, I met him at a signing-session that reinforced my first impressions, : he was so kind, smiley, available … I was only 15 and you can’t imagine my emotion.

Since then, I saw Mike several times on stage with Toto. He was always attentive to the fans in the audience sending a smile, a blink, a wave. He had the gift to spread happiness throughout the audience.

I’ll never forget the last time we met in Nice in 2006. When we arrived, he walked out of his dressing room saying « Hey guys» in a sweet voice and warmly hugged us .

Mike will always remain a charming, joyful person. Actually, there are not enough words to depict the nice person he was. I will also remember his bright smile and kindness.

My deepest thoughts to Joe and Eileen who have lost a second son, to Joleen and Steve a second brother, to the wonderful Porcaro family and the members of Toto.

We already miss Mike and forever.

Rest In Peace Mike.



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