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1 Child's Anthem
2 Out of Love
3 Rosanna
4 I Won't Hold You Back
5 Hold the Line
6 I'll Be Over You
7 Africa
8 Holyanna
9 Anna
10 Isolation
11 One Day at a Time
12 Cool Change

Additional musicians:
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra.







1 I've Got News For You
2 Unchain My Heart
3 Ol'man River
4 What'd I Say
5 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6 I Don't Need No Doctor
7 Georgia On My Mind

Additional musicians:
The Hr Big Band,
Harry Petersen, Manfred Lindner, Wilson de Oliveria, Christof Lauer, John Oslawski, Rainer Heute, Volker Stegmann, Paul Lanzerath, Alexander Malempre, Stephan Zimmermann, Dieter Grunewald, Eckard Baur, Torolf Malgaard, Peter Grutzner, Richard Bergmann, Manfred Honetschlager, Manfred Kullmann, Werner Vetterer, Christian Muller, Eberhard Leibling, Herbert Bings, Freddy Santiago, Dave King, Ulla Wiesner, Renate Otta, Peter M.L. Bauchwitz & Edward Reekers.

RISE UP 1994


1 Woodstock
2 Rise Up
3 Annalise
4 It Is Over
5 Let´s Talk About Love
6 Who Cries Now
7 Live In The Night
8 Long Hair Woman
9 You´ve Got A Friend
10 To Be Your Everything
11 Lay Down Your Arms
12 Paralyzed
13 Shot Down Love

Additional musicians:
Thomas Simmerl, Oliver Poschmann, Marcus Deml, bruce Gowdy, Andreas Lucas, Carmelo Mafali, Linda Rocco, Michael Sadler, Guy Allison, Yvonne Williams, Marc Free, Thomas Wellnowski, Franco Dittmann & Ricky Phillips.





1 'Till Tomorrow
2 All I Ever Needed
3 My Kinda Lover
4 Two Souls
5 This Time
6 Kristine
7 Live The Groove
8 Do You Ever
9 Loves Gonna Find You
10 Hand In Hand

Additional musicians:
Buzzy Feiten, Dave Barnett, Mike Barnes, Mitchell Foreman, Marc Hugenberger, Brian Bromberg, Alec Milstien, Joel Taylor, Dave Butler, Jim Foster, Fulton Turnage, Doug Webb, John Zaika, Karl Eagan, Mickey Thomas, Larry Batiste, Jeanie Tracy & Tony Lindsay.




1 Back In Spades
2 Kristine
3 Til' Tomorrow
4 Your Love Is Here To Stay
5 Live The Groove
6 All I Ever Needed Back
7 My Kinda Of Lover
8 Two Souls
9 This Time
10 Do You Ever
11 Love Is Gonna Find You
12 Hand In Hand

Additional musicians:
Tony Wilcox, Mickey Thomas, Tony Lindsay, Jennie Tracy, Larry Batiste, Tony Wilcox, Buzzy Feiten, Michael Mille, Dave Barnet, Mike Barnes, Brian Bromberg, Alec Milstein, Mitchell Foreman, Marc Hugenberger, John Zaika, Joel Taylor, Palino Decosta, Dave Butle,r Jim Foster, Fulton Turnage, Doug Webb.






1 Worth Fighting For
2 Can't Wait for Love
3 Sail Away
4 Chasing Euphoria
5 Find Another Way
6 Get Back in the Game
7 I Did Everything Wrong
8 Shadows of Love
9 Hearts Beat Again
10 We Gotta Believe
11 Kicking and Screaming
12 Your PhotographDISC

Making of the Album
Worth Fighting
Can't Wait for Love

Additional musicians:
Jimi Jamison, Bobby Kimball, Alex Beyrodt, Jimmy Kresic, Mat Sinner, Martin Schmidt, Erik Martensson






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