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1 What is she hiding (Gruska, Gowdy)
2 That first night (Williams, Fasman)
3 Takin' it (Williams, Gruska)
4 One more chance (Williams, Lang)
5 I didn't do it (Williams, Gruska, Landau)
6 This girl (Williams, Fasman)
7 Somethin special (Williams, Garfield)
8 Nothing's lost (Williams, Gruska, Garfield)
9 Make some time (Williams, Landau)
10 Takin' It (Demo Version) *
11 Make Some Time (Alternative Version) *
12 Anything You Say **
13 (I'm Holding On To) You Forever **
14 I Didn't Do It (Alternative Version) **

Réédition 1998 *
Réédition 2002 **

Additional musicians:
Dean Cortez, Jay Gruska, Robbie Buchanan, David Garfield, Michael Omartian, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Mark T. Williams, Lenny Castro ,Steve Tavaglione, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Larry Williams, Jim Horn? Richard Page, Steve George, Tommy Funderburk.









1 Perfectly Clear (Williams, Carbone, Williams)
2 Heroes (Williams, Carbone, Williams)
3 Cool Night (Davis)
4 I Am Alive (Williams, Gordon)
5 Babylon (Gordon)
6 Dirty Little War (Gruska, Gordon)
7 Unarm Your Heart (Joseph Williams, Gordon)
8 Out Of Harms Way (Joseph Williams, Gordon)
9 I Believe In You (Williams, Williams, Gordon)
10 I'd Rather Dance By Myself (Williams, Gordon)
11 Never Let You Go (Williams, Gordon)
12 Afterlife (Williams)

Additional musicians:
Jeff Porcaro, Jason Scheff, Mike Porcaro, Jay Graydon, James Harrah, Michael Landau, Mark Goldenberg, Michael Thompson, Joey Carbone, Steve Porcaro, Jay Gruska, Lenny Castro, Amye Williams, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Jay Gruska, Danny Peck, Paul Gordon, Katy Segal.



3 1997

1 I'm giving up on you (Carbone, Belfield)
2 Goin' home (D. Paich, J.Williams, J. Porcaro)
3 For your love (Williams, Carbone)
4 Love in the rear view mirror (Doheny)
5 One imperfect heart (Williams, Gordon, Matkosky)
6 Everywhere I go (Williams, Carbone)
7 Top down girl (Williams, Williams)
8 She's gone (Williams, Williams)
9 Love to spare (Williams, Gordon)
10 Man in me (Williams, Gordon)
11 In my life (Lennon, McCartney) Live

Additional musicians:
James Harrah, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Ned Doheny, Michael Porcaro, Tony Franklin, Jennifer Condos, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joey Carbone, Paul Gordon, Dennis Matkosky, Mark T. Williams, Bill Champlin, Ned Doheny, Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, Sherwood Ball.


EARLY YEARS 81-90 1999

1 Running On A Deadline (Williams, Bettis)
2 Never Be The Same (Williams)
3 Pump Jockeys (Williams, Lang)
4 Fire Power (Williams, Gruska)
5 I'm Holding On To You Forever (Williams, Gordon)
6 Pretty Face (Williams, Gordon)
7 Running In The Dark (Williams, Gordon)
8 Reckless Heart (Williams, Landau, Bettis)
9 Hold Me Down (Williams)
10 Times Have Changed (Williams)

Additional musicians:
Joseph Williams, Jay Gruska, Michael Landau, Mark Brown, Mark T. Williams, George England, Jay Gruska & Deena.






1 Not Enough Hours In The Night (Peterik, Thornton)
2 Straight To Your Heart (Belfield, Carbone)
3 More Than Enough (Belfield, Carbone)
4 Never Let You Go (Smith)
5 I Don't Want To Go (Cates, Yancy)
6 I Want To Be Wanted (Hamilton, Lucas, Roberts)
7 China Sky (Capobianco, Fiamongo, Kosa)
8 Love Is Blind (Carbone)
9 When It Doesn't (Matter Ammons, Rubin)
10 Sarah (Alan)
11 Vertigo (Lattanzi, Myers, Tyson)
12 More Than Enough (Acoustic Version) (Belfield, Carbone) (Europe)
12 Never Let you Go (Japon)

Bonus CD-ROM
1 Joseph Williams Interview
2 More Than Enough (Video Clip) (Belfield, Carbone)

Additional musicians:
Francis Benitez, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, Biggs Brice, JM Scattolin, Alex De Rosso, Joseph Williams.






VERTIGO 2 2006

1 In The Blink Of An Eye (Bryson, Cochran, Graul, Kipley)
2 All For You (Burr, Mann, Storm)
3 Hold Me (Bronleewe, Lee)
4 Part Of Me (Rhea, Tanner)
5 Holy ( Hammond, Nordeman)
6 I Wanna Live Forever (Carbone, Williams)
7 Save It All For Me (LaBlanc)
8 Picking Up The Pieces (Holderfield)
9 Together (Bozzi, Ugolini)
10 There's A Reason (Bryson, Cochran, Kipley)

Additional musicians:
Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, Francis Benitez, Virgil Donati, Alex Masi, Joseph Williams, David Harris, Masayoshi Yamasuka, Jason Scheff.


TWO OF US 2004
1 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing cover: AEROSMITH
2 Unchained Melody cover: RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS
3 Because You Loved Me cover: CELINE DION
4 Now and Forever cover: RICHARD MARX
5 Your Song cover: ELTON JOHN
6 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You cover: BRYAN ADAMS
7 Have I Told You Lately cover: ROD STEWART
8 Can't Fight This Feeling cover: REO SPEEDWAGON
9 We're All Alone cover: BOZ SCAGGS
10 Can't Help Falling in Love cover: ELVIS PRESLEY
11 Save the Best for Last cover: VANESSA WILLIAMS

Additional musicians:
Joseph Williams, Jim Cox.




TEARS 2007

1 Against All Odds
2 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
3 Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
4 Whiter Shade Of Pale
5 Tracks Of My Tears
6 All In Love Is Fair
7 Everytime You Go Away 8 Always on My Mind
9 All By Myself
10 Tears In Heaven
11 She
12 My Immortal

Additional musicians:
Joseph Williams, David Harris.



1 Don't Worry Baby
2 Walk Between The Raindrops
3 Still Crazy After All These Years
4 Wonderful Tonight
5 For Your Love
6 Song For You
7 Peaceful Easy Feeling
8 More Than I Can Say
9 Heaven In Your Eyes
10 Maybe I'm Amazed
11 Don't Know Why
12 Somewhere Only We Know

Additional musicians:
Joseph Williams, David Harris.







1 This fall (Williams, Lukather)
2 You don't kow what's coming (Williams, Harris, Hirch)
3 It's a far cry (Williams, Harris, Eaton)
4 Yeah, yeah, yeah (Williams, Mark T Williams, Ruick)
5 I know what I know (Williams, Gruska)
6 She walked (Williams, Zito)
7 Wonder at all (Williams)
8 Do ya (Williams, Paich, Kimball)
9 Hush (Williams)
10 Don't pull the plug (Williams, Mark T Williams)
11 Angelie (Williams, Porcaro)
12 Tell me something new (Williams, Mark T Williams)
13 Far away (Joseph Williams, Amye Williams)
14 I luv U goodbye (Williams)

Additional musicians:
Sean Barrett, Bob Birch, Joey Carbone, Emmanuel "E-Man" Cervantes, Chris Eaton, Jay Gruska, David Harris, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, Rick Marotta, Anthony Mazza, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Hannah Ruick, Joe Stanley, S. N. Walsh, Joseph Williams, Mark T. Williams, Ewen Williams, J. Willy, Richie Zito.




1 Swear Your Love
2 Say Goodbye
3 Sometimes You Win
4 Where To Touch You
5 Going Home
6 Stay With Me
7 Gotta Find It
8 One More Night
9 Gotta Find It & Letter To God


Additional musicians:
Peter Friedstedt, Joseph Williams, John "JR" Robinson, Anton Malmberg, Lars Safsund, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Bill Cantos, Rasmus Kihlberg, Stefan Gunnarsson, Ingemar Aberg, Tommy Denander, Tobias Marberger, Henrik Rongedal, Janne Peltoniemi, Johan Granstrom, Robert Sall, Anders Ojebo & Scandinavian Strings.




1 Going Home
2 Take It Uptown
3 Hard Habit To Break
4 Where To Touch You
5 When You Look In My Eyes
6 After The Love Is Gone
7 Turn Your Love Around
8 Look Away
9 This Fall
10 Satisfaction


Additional musicians:
Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Peter Friestedt, Tamara Champlin, Herman Matthews, Stefan Gunnarsson, Pat Matisen.








1 Going Home
2 Take It Uptown
3 Hard Habit To Break
4 Where To Touch You
5 When You Look In My Eyes
6 After The Love Is Gone
7 Turn Your Love Around
8 Look Away
9 This Fall
10 Satisfaction



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